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Why would my boyfriend break up with me because he saw me with my ex boyfriend ?

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asked Jan 9 in Divorce/Breakup by Kish10 Newbie (120 points)
He's reason was because he heard something about me being intimate with my ex while i was in a relationship with him . But that doesnt mean i was intimate . After my break up with my ex i never got attracted to him in anyway at all

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answered Jan 9 by Lucindababy Recruit (260 points)
You already answered you own question. Seems like you boyfriend gave you a reason for the breakup.

So lemme ask you dear, are you still very close to you ex? If yes, you need to understand that not all guys will be ok with that.

How often do you talk/chat with your ex?
commented Jan 9 by Kish10 Newbie (120 points)
No I'M not close with him at all
And we dont talk often just once in a while. I was in lagos so my ex offered to come see me .thats what happened
commented Jan 17 by Hopes4real Newbie (160 points)
when he offered to see u, did you discuz it with your guy?did you tell him you were going to meet your ex ?
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