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My MD is making sexual advances towards me. How can I deal with the situation without losing my job?

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asked Jan 6 in Professional by FBuser Newbie (120 points)
I have a very good paying job in an indigenous Oil and Gas company. Unfortunately hubby lost his job 6 months ago so I have been the one providing for my family of  5  pending the time he gets a new job.

The problem is my MD has been 'toasting' me for a while now and last week came out and told me he wants to sleep with me.

I told him I can't because I'm married but he laughed it off and said he would give me time to think about it. Yesterday, a colleague in the office mentioned that one lady that left suddenly last year resigned because the boss threatened to fire her since she refused to sleep with him.

Please what should I do?

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answered Jan 7 by Hopes4real Newbie (160 points)
you should try to tactfully put your boss mind off it. Try and avoid any contact that would bring intimacy. And if you do all that and he still continues, then you can leave the job
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answered Jan 8 by Lilypad Rookie (220 points)
Tell your husband immediately about everything going on if you haven't already. Both of you will be able to take the decision about your next move.
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answered Jan 8 by Lucindababy Recruit (260 points)
If you want to save your home, you will have to quit your job. God sees your heart and will surely provide for you until another job comes.
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