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I think I caught my friend's husband cheating with another friend. Should I talk to them?

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asked Jan 6 in Married by Tara Newbie (120 points)
I recently had to travel for work and I saw my friend's husband with another friend of mine coming out of a hotel room very early in the morning. This friend had been telling me of how happy she was after finally meeting a man she truly loves since her previous marriage ended. Should I tell both of my friends what I know?

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answered Jan 8 by Lilypad Rookie (220 points)
Hmm. My sister this one is heavy o. But how do you know your second friend isn't aware that the man is married. In my experience the person that tells usually gets all the blame and fall-out of the anger. If you are ready to risk that then go ahead but if you are not, simply put it out of your head and mind your business.
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answered Jan 8 by Lucindababy Recruit (260 points)
Are you married? If you are then put yourself in your married friend's shoes. Would you like to be told your husband is being unfaithful?

It also depends on the relationship you have with your friend. Would she want to hear it from you and are you prepared to accept the consequences of you telling her? With your second friend it's a bit tricky. She might or might not know the man is married and her reaction to you hangs on that fact.

 I think you should tell your second friend you saw her with someone and let her give you more details. If she doesn't know he is married then you can tell her and see what happens
commented Jan 8 by Hopes4real Newbie (160 points)
you said, you think you caught. That means you are not even sure cuz ur still thinking. So plz, be certain first. Dont take hasty decisions .
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