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I've been married for 5 years with no kids, but an intern at work just got pregnant for me. Should I keep the baby?

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asked Jan 6 in Married by Chris44 Newbie (120 points)
My wife and I have been married for 5 years and I love her deeply. Unfortunately we have not been able to have children.

Last year I began an affair with an intern in my company and she just told me she is 1 month pregnant.The lady is open to the idea of having an abortion but I also want to have a child.

What should I do?

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answered Jan 8 by Lilypad Rookie (220 points)
Since your wife can't conceive this is probably a blessing in disguise. Keep the child and tell you wife when the child is born. She will just have to accept the child. Or doesn't she want you to be able to pass on your name and properties to anyone?
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answered Jan 8 by Lucindababy Recruit (260 points)
You men are wicked. Do you know the amount of stress and sadness your wife is feeling about her inability to give you a child?

And now you went to impregnate someone else. The faster you tell your wife, the better.

BOTH of you can decide what will be done and if you decide to keep the child you can determine the arrangement with the mother and give your wife time to accept it all
commented Jan 8 by Hopes4real Newbie (160 points)
i also reccommend you keep the baby. If your wife eventually finds out she would have no option than to accept it or would she rather you die childless´╝č
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